Sheryl Underwood talks about hosting the 44th Daytime Emmy Awards, Eddie Murphy, and wants to take a hot bath with DJ Eternal!

Friday, April 14th


Joey V and Mia Amor interviews Comedian, Actress, & TV Host Sheryl Underwood from "The Talk." 

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What's he up and not worrying so believing in me and mum. Comedian Sheryl Underwood is a really. I'm feeling great made a compliment and I think life is good without any. Friday. Race luggage lies right in three days in the bag that's right they want so you got till Sunday and that's right resurrection we can do the most beautiful eyes he knows this business. Throw mix Tyson items and to Obey your eyes and beautiful as she had infringed on medical center that he you know I'm. April 4 think they want to kick you out okay. Do it because of you know. It's sometimes yeah. He's this weekend yes I'm atomic seasonally dry again we don't we Catherine we'll talk to my question on the way to. Everybody is watching me on the talk. Get ready because Monday Oprah Winfrey is yeah. The cobra PB not a breath come. Yeah you're not trying to hit. Bullet to the. He'd and you ask me a question when I first want. It's going to be a steam 44 annual daytime Emmy award that is trendy right now that's pretty exciting for you know when Mario Lopez. And working on it right now and I. And I think it's going to be amazing Cavallo. Loved examine never thought going from Def comedy jam BZ comic view you know a lot of different things that we're doing that I would be hosting the daytime mainly just finished. They usually win when they invite you to host an award shelf that's when you pretty MySpace account a rise you don't say when my. David you know when Kevin Hart was doing it in now everybody that was post and things even Steve Harvey post and I'll miss universe you know even though he laid that really fight. You know us and you really be. Because really what nobody really checking for miss universe we got. But watch as I RE Lebanese I agree that was the Sosa allowed Trinidad its embargo 11 year. And she's a beautiful chart with socialist and that's what made me. Prepare for something like this I. That's something up on purpose I'm Vienna that they Al I have. You're doing great Donna weigh it. Yeah maybe I think you know pretty. Me a ball worst in his movie bull. Really is a connection there but I think what I'm really got to try to do is follow Omar orioles' lead because when he imposes an extra and then I'll kind of wanna be the comic relief from the they already have read you gonna change clothes a lot I don't think I'm gonna do I wanna concentrate on housing and I fallen in my suit nice like I. I get to next year they aren't these some more crazy stuff is more about the contents an image absolutely. These are you and I'm now a a bag Malawi is too hot right now. You don't like Dave Chappelle and John -- they actually pay tribute to like Charlie Murphy at John's concert in Ohio on Wednesday and we got a little audio this sounds like show many want to. Listen to this I'm. Is there a special memory that you may may have Leno from turning Murphy what you know we all know I'm Mike and I we are new Charlie Murphy as a comic down my wife number one me for twenty years. We knew Scott does Charlie Murphy right Normandy in in Harlem nights. I you vampire Brundtland. But we think that love affair with Charlie Murphy and his wife has met his wife ass. Then I think 2000 that was 2009 his wife is. That's an added together a resident paradise with a lower but it was great when I was just saying Charlie Murphy at a party is George Lopez's now so really how. Hey you know I. Party into the everybody I get I I happen to have party. Amazing and it was great to see Charlie out and we love them and he also he was prior military so he's served his country he was just a good. Dude and I heard that he was like the album. I don't know what word I can use street tariffs he was gonna knock out a deal for any. He being regulated by any on this plane got the knowledge that they would rather is right now my right is absolutely. Yeah so you know we love Charlie did but you know when when your body is now ready you know you guys know what to wed the lowest they gal and we. And I don't make mistakes and especially on this week it resurrection we can't pin is losing that battle with leukemia amazed that his reward is to be delighted you don't have to. Feels it anymore. I'll bring everybody down but I know that he gala celebration of Saudi Murphy's Claritin. And that's that's ready right now and you know a big Shaq to lash out an elite could be a colleague even on the leading. So I'm set a deadline will be who gave me what my first good jobs in northern California yeah. I don't come here we give away a budget tickets and you can't giveaways and tickets. You. 61 Q1 to oh OK okay you've got to say guys Sara Underwood and did you eternal. Need to be even get a foot the entire we can't. Yeah. Me and Digital Life. Very excellent read. About it this exotic sound to. He's added that only. Up and Mullen and easily be in the end mum.