Mia Amor interviews Van Jones. Find out how he's HELLA BAY!

Tuesday, August 1st


Mia Amor's interview Bay Area home grown News Commentator, Author, and Non-Practicing Attorney Van Jones. 

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But certainly dean and me and mom. On the phone and CNN will. Political commentator and Van Jones entry seen on TV many times begin a sentence you're cutting next Friday it has a masonic in San Francisco it's called we rise too high due to partying. Now I'm gonna have legitimate fighters are my first question TO tell me about the power of the universe. This tower the universe is infinite and not always working for your good even when you aren't and beliefs of that. Always a working for your gut out I. Totally and very latest on the morning Michael Vick did came out clean guy calling cabernet T seen his app for Al basically because he need to keep it clean cut me a job and NFL what are your comments about the what do you think about what he's dead. I think is just unfortunately are still call that so many. People who have been here are under from ways and we should have a right they have very different kind of way. Admitted there was so bigoted and awaiting him on occasional football million have a conversation but that's not the reason they're by no that's not a reason. Industry took a step back from the Brothers. He spoke from his part for disaster is exactly hands when somebody speak. About Ford justice people should stand and applaud Bobby Kennedy. There's the moral courage is the most weird thing is world them how much more so much more rare than typical braves for your genius and moral courage and willingness to speak your truth. Even when you know won't be populace we should be wanting to see more of that in our country's. Not last nobody's got a right wing radio and they don't likes Collins here it is they did and why he would stand us. And that's not right. So you know OJ thin thin was granted early yesterday. Thing about his situation will would you like to see of him. I was like to be able to rewind the whole tape and let them have to have him you know beat not somebody who the world believes it. As you know all the facts point to committed atrocious crimes he's not in jail for war. For what happened to it like you're in jail for something else you know what's so interesting about this situation did you know Bryant put. Stevens and a great civil rights as a lawyer up today. I don't quite contests don't consider this a better to be rich. And guilty they import and an offense but it fidgety because OJ may well have been told he may have been guilty in the first. Current case he would receive up to get out of it then you know he got food talked originally about it didn't have a go at the same kind of resources the second case he may well have been an interest. But he will for now he's in jail so we're seeing both sides are broken criminal justice system. Zero goals I don't know you know what you have him but he won't be on this hour long ya start forgot about whatever he did come out that we can use this to focus conflict in the whole criminal justice system and that it probably a one man again against. Not here we rise to are you excited about this isn't happening here in San Francisco and the Sunny Delight Tony aids and I learned that the community the second shell like what should people expect should people be excited are you excited. Gonna be amazing it next week it's starting next week. I'm coming back to today. You know you can't do this to me if somebody on CNN you know quote mail little cool city aren't created an integrated public that I am you know somebody who's been in my twenties in my thirties and into my forties in the Bay Area. See how he acts. Fighting for criminal judges I've it's organized by so lawsuit against the surgical police department and local police department and how these young guys. We managed to health reform SF PD we got a terrible police officer fired in the ninety's lead as close to Ella baker center for human rights and open I also found that twenty years ago so we've closed five you present all the towels they areas guy my kids were born in the day we live down I think it was down by common I was at no David we thought I'm coming home. As you can help you out. Easily easily and not.