Mia Amor and Miss Kimmie interview Comedian Actor Mo'Nique. She used to be a dancer for who?

Monday, July 10th


Comedian Actor Mo'Nique comes in and jokes around with Mia Amor & Miss Kimmie! 

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What's he up and not worrying so believing in me and mum. I think you've seen with Myanmar and miss gimme and we have a special pentagon by the name mud. It's always I don't money doesn't face in what I. I like so is that you're here you idiot Tommy teeth tonight and tomorrow night doing as saying yes let me days and the IC money do everything had finally. Even if she gets the as she put on a great great show the jury you have would your audience is incredible because it was me. It's almost like a Fiona I'm in front of my family and patronize your son of the cook out. And American government had always Obey everything man got its YouTube be open to Sonoma. One thing I'm serious pain please. I used to be and the Amadeus it. And thin reinvent colonists turf right interestingly they have girl looks of MC hammer isn't down this weekend I would add. You come up to this joke that I got some new models cannot do work on. Your hip and I. Yeah well they've got they put yeah. Good little outfits I know at Columbia list no matter. The jury found that and am an open hand. He clearly. Didn't miss it Olbermann M yeah. I need a big. Yeah I don't feel somewhat accustomed to me he's a guy. Ladies and stand up. Normally I want the democratic. So I just gotta give respect where respect is due out of the millennium a faint and on the news from Oakland that he's gotten that doesn't block it doesn't look good he's got sick. On seven. Grabbing your car right now I don't know I'm not done a damn. It's just like always he was combined and Jeremy. Any speaking. At and that it would Alabama look at my. A different Bob. A my hot yeah. Love you and your wife and your family. And he came out and talk about like Oprah the Tyler Perry situation and a day yeah. Yeah yeah yeah stated intent. They reached out CU. Solitary day so really what do you think he reached out as a billion. Equipment deal on the phone pool because Medea is grounded cal Perry talk like a that you need and I you can't commie like. I appreciate you calling him honestly have had a gentlemanly conversation but it was a lot of things in mr. Perry couldn't answer. He knew the answer to it would've made him look like what I Bryant what I feel like he has become. And when you have a brother that sense I'm shocked to know that Taraji. I Spencer's quotes. So low as the president you're in a position to change it if you know how quotes of that amount and you know what's not equal ground. And you know it's racism at it's finest. You're in a position to change. And what do you say to his flopping him with as she's ever made does that make it right to visit me right. Here's what we were now more than we've ever made because if I made a million and you can anyone point five but I'm supposed to be getting six doesn't make it right. I can that way to you because as I unions begin video preach I like dead give me some comedy yeah. All women look at why. I'm I'm warming comes out yeah. Yeah. What do you don't think I know about he ended the getaway driver. Do you customers. Well yeah. Can't stop you from grabbing somebody mad. And it didn't talk to you for me. Get TV from corner to get shut out. I know right. If you want to be awfully oppressive. You make better. To me. Oh my day. Please kind of got a win that's when. Now why did you. Coming now. Mickey did a good guard and you're thinking infidelity do you doubt. And Mullen and so leading hand me and I'm not. Q.