JVMA interviews Kelly Rowland and talks about her new book and how motherhood has changed her!

Friday, April 14th


Kelly Rowland calls in the studio! She talks about her new book! And how motherhood inspires her to be at her best at all times! Check it out. 

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But certainly dean and me and mom. If you. Yeah your mind a is that since you're a bump loudly and beyond its email again today. Boy that's that's lives only reason. Pop up. Also first since the age of sixteen as you look in the spotlight as part of Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland thanks for coming on because we appreciate you. The new bush is go whoa baby guide for new moms who feel overwhelmed and freaked out and I wonder what the bleachers happen I'll tell you we don't my son was born in 2008 you know we took classes. On you know the delivery process all about labor we learn all about it the generals and breathing but then when it was time. And go home from the hospital we tell each other real as we had no idea what we're doing is is that a common thing do. That's why I trusted source or how mad everybody just press you know it's a tough sell licensed as a new mom. Somebody should awards have Ozzie. He's saying about the changes that have been physically. On mentally spiritually emotionally like between you know and yet he has not why you know what I mean what somebody thinks so actually you know our. Outlets such an antitrust. I'm asking every question and I finally got to my doctor there is what I think I don't know over exaggerating she's if you call me about eight times. And on balance there's an afternoon. So I think you know acted so late edition just ridiculous I can't find the chief has yet somebody can write about it as it was that'll be I was. That's awesome they get what you expected to be a little bit. Now it was everything that I would have wanted to read like basically we don't need it this far. Is that we could have waited to see uncle had six. What kids see me I'm 33 am at I think I'm ready yelling that I need the man for that question I wish I I was ready ready for a. I think he should be ready for a lot of physical changes please brief to look at I'm not gonna call her everything out that it was. Companies split but it's. I feel normal or else. I'm going to have an. I think squabble Donald somebody talk it out from these will be like in a very intelligent ladies and the united it's almost ten months or the body's sense strand. Point to make its safety patents ticket tax and jets have to get into where it was support our oh. Believed to have like that that's OK but he was patient wards. I get I get Iowa look forward to reading this are you in the studio recording writing. I am a mom in the studio on Moscow's NASCAR victims could species are excited it is just site. Asked actually had I sat out the source says it suspects in the studio and act like dominating this thing about it and I didn't know how certainly petered out I'm likely threat that has guidelines have been magical. Coolest stuff like that he didn't see environmentally DT we can't sort of writings on the law and society in solidifying their sound and that's what that that was beside. I think it's certainly. Would you agree that motherhood and just makes you like stronger and empowers you and the market woman that I know. In the industry and just translate when they become moms they just become more inspired to be like the bad that they can be just because they feel so fulfilled. Of love having your child is the would you agree with that. Oh absolutely hate and you don't wanna Glasscock at all elections. Like you never want it to the full opportunity to sort of be strong within a million plus tips to make sure you're being a great example because you basically if you want and yeah. It's great tonight folks of freedom and excitement that's in this season you know you want them fat is just that it. Don't Kelly Rowland thanks to come analysis and I appreciate you very much and here. Online and silly V and media mum. If you.