JVMA interviews Comedian Ryan Davis. He speaks about friends who cuts him off due to his popularity and his favorite BAY AREA football team!

Wednesday, January 25th


Comedian Ryan Davis, who is a social media sensation, comes into the Q102 studio and talks about friends he lost by being popular and his BAY AREA FOOTBALL TEAM, and his upcoming show at Tommy T's Comedy Club in Pleasanton. Listen in as Joey V and Mia Amor get to know Ryan Davis

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What's he up and not worrying so leading hand me and mum. And they've been here he's going to be at Tommy team's so us Wednesday and Thursday only already sold 500 tickets incredible. I think he's alive he's got what you do is Steve Harvey what that would Donald Trump. And how did you feel about that policy and applying newsman. I have missed the way I feel about it if you're having. Is to a somebody he's always talking out not just. Think it's his facial expressions whenever he came out of the meetings that may be looked into it that way. Look like he got caught was his hands in the cookie jar fill in if I'm doing something productive I don't have that face whenever someone sees me. It is may be felt like it was a little bit self service and got caught. NASA that little video that I'm the media is the Gramm and you know who I know is it easy. Have anything to do the subject but I made sure I'll put all those stretches of cameras are off because those are funny I. It's my. Yeah he's great like why didn't suit who's every cancer when there's enough I was like heats of the pitches. What are the real picture though really real bitter everybody I thought I was not I was really fatter yeah. And I feel pretty good. And even Shane good photographer. You ought to be the commentator the Chris brown and soldier boiled. Dan and yeah do I need to become a commentator fit. I need to look as if that's the fights bad that we know at least it's gonna be imitation of leaving less than I believe I believe that the world leave the fetus I think people under that under selling kind of timing this could be on the Cisco because there's no doubt about that suit guy. I can't begin at eight element behind this big east employed. There there are no date be announced through through grocery the National Anthem and yeah I. I first race. And aren't apparently out of they're like. You know what I'm. Funny thing about that situation and others video of eligible like in the gym working out I'm like you a month of training to do. Hate the lack not only Hamas seems to anybody skinny like soldier boy that class but this race is still far person. How did. They didn't have like Sara McLaughlin behind the cook at the craziest thing got I thought I was like I thought he was rich he doesn't eat I don't know what's going on it. Obviously it and I got to see this comedian Brian Davis going to be and talk it's easy to second not grab your tickets and all the info at Hamid sees dot com tonnage isn't pleasant and thanks for coming and thank Matt thank you guys for having me man I love the. Beers and got the the you're wearing a warrior sure. But certainly dean and me and. And if you.