JVMA interviews Comedian and Actor Bill Bellamy.

Friday, June 9th


Actor & Comedian Bill Bellamy comes into the studio for an interview with Joey V & Mia Amor. Listen to hear what his kids spend his credit cards on, how much he LOVES the Warriors, & more! 

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Yeah. But surely be in the home. Bill Bellamy as chair of the Canadian bill Bellamy and there's an actor and comedian came back there Craig and me we only if you're not much left. We appreciation for governor I'll figure Minnesota we're talking about balancing your in your life you got two kids right yes sir how. How do you find the balance used to medium and it's an easy job you did trap. The time you're out on the you're never home shaken what would I. Judo our balance it out like this like say our god and fifteen dates I don't do in a row. You know about a fifteen dollars and Burnham are right because of Marmara orders doing a lot of stuff we dance now and she Starr and colonel I don't think wanna get acting thing going so she's doing a lot of performances there must and is you know play in this eighty youth being so this would be glad to have you every kid leg of your key it is planned. Like any good you're you're a true. Traveling abroad as it's coming your life and he's a Playboy now getting bigger my job. So it's it's it's that it's it takes a little bit it worked in a lot of scheduling you know and I'm saying like you know my wife for a week we do you know we sheer calendars as Vince. Is this like so many things I gotta make this or did you got a big idol last night I went to mark God's orders aren't graduation she was our secret she's gonna high school so my daughter's going to be a freshman in. In September in America two is going to be freshmen in September and this is absolutely astounding that my daughter is for the V like fourteen next month you know she started turning to a young lady. This. Well balanced right. It is still the pull away Nero she's still the bull bull all. All its own globally never goes away incumbent like greasy mean he leg ideology for the goes sheriff Brad. So my doing his biggest thing is like dealing. It's a huge credit card earlier in no. Union democratic guard yeah. No no no she'll be Boller got dutrow won a new amended and throw in you know kids go have no idea what money I know they ask for. Everything nowadays these. The enemy to my son did he won't even he didn't even admitted it right you play two games to get the mask running Eric Dayton did this would they do the key is now that he's. Horrible in order for you to be better players in order for you to get different uniforms and differ sneakers and stuff like you got a black colleagues so must learn. Dislike this Marc Carroll was hooked up he it was opened he decided he needed everything's he's been for a small. Highs facial when he's got a deeper yeah yeah OK. Anyway I don't want eroded I get like good. No please please and thank you so much for your producer. I don't think she. Oh the media let me tell you I'm a big basketball fan are I've been following the war is Martha and easy he. It's she's. She huge war is bad and this is going down announced. Really I like the cavs do what I love those awards let me say what I love about the worst I love the witty play I loved every year it is a new history thing you guys do is drill here it is some somewhere. The wins this year is going to be sixteen and Ellen yeah. Just amazing to see that kind of greatness in this life common in the last team that our sorrow that was like that was the bulls when Michael was playing at night is always in the ninety's so like I'm really proud you are as improper what do you do and can accomplish and are in if they do sweep tonight I'm really excited I. I don't think the kid has gotten entered the BR this is just enough this yeah. They can't find the hole would have put it would pay good. Yeah he jogged after. New Zealand in de love look like like LeBron is doing all he can but it's not enough when you have. More superstars that are gonna. And really zero hey you guys played so will create ice filled only going to be a Tommy tees this weekend at the time he tees dot com for your tickets that are coming back on an idea of everything. But surely the hand me and mom yeah. You're.