JVMA interview with Tami Roman from Basketball Wives. Hear how she got into doing stand up comedy.

Friday, April 7th


Tami Roman from Basketball Wives comes in to get interviewed by Joey V & Mia Amor. Hear how she got into doing stand up comedy.

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Yeah. But surely the hand me and. Roman is here you know her from love basketball lives and that's gonna be a Tommy sees this weekend yeah. I'm so excited I've got some great comedians and we'll stand up now for the people you know and only found. Basketball lives and Connor chronicles hi this is quite as transition for him but you know. This card to stand up comedy how do you do that you know what I have. Just happenstance or. I fell into Olympic thing to think I'm funny and you know it's going to be a market out here rag you may vary I would say it's funny I would say that. I watch your videos on it's a grad has not gonna go. What is required aegis is Arnold a man one day. And you know read the blogs in the girls were talking about it from the show and I kind of did a video about it and it took off from the air and so I am still okay doing. As yeah. To the next level should ease fears under the firfer along time now I'm loving it the Internet she not primarily the whole staff got some great comedian and come out with me on the road and you know when when cities like opening we've got you know Kirk McKinnon green and Mario Latinos some great people coming out. You know to support me and I kind of just Helms itself so Kurt. Which Henry Ellis Rodriguez and Mario Hodge going to be on the stage tonight yes opening up for you yes outstanding some opening acts are really very fun and they're awesome I'm like so humbled and so excited that they wanted to come and play with neither Mac to meet our youth are you intimidated right now she is telling me earlier. She sent it. This if you don't play these. Have you you make you mad don't make her that yeah yeah yeah yeah well you can make me mad is just how far you go with the Bryan Wright is an agent or less real quick. Don't want the so yeah. You don't. Hey you yeah Amy can be heard coming back to about well why isn't. So we start April 17 with a new season myself Amylin shiny Jackie Christie and a bunch of new ladies and of course Malaysia's joins us. As well my house so mandolin like her come back and get it. Big deal you can't I share a little bit a little bit of the drama that might go down. We don't like another anymore. Oh yeah. He singled out there like XOC. I believe learn our yeah she's she's Swiss parent. Who's dead of father of her son Carl Crawford who's a baseball players. She's sat with him now on you know three players associations in you know she's still going strong. Do onstage yeah. We actually talk. I tell about you. No my life on the shelf with the with the ladies of basketball I as an Afghan and you know just my family you know things have gone through in experiences that I've lived in witnessed. And and try to turn him into funny moments that's got an amazing turn it into a funny thing as. You they Sally is good people aren't as it's like until then we'll talk they said that people are really wanted to see this there was also almost sold out yes I. Asylum and don't. And yet you know leave things alone well across the country within. As an Indian down a solid d.s as we get you a check her out Jerry wrote me and got the show that Tommy c.'s tonight some are gonna show on Sunday on Sunday. It comes to the foundation we've got a sense of surprised everybody that comes to descend Asia from Tommy disease dot com is the west side Tommy isn't pleasant always fun time we thank you for coming in appreciate having me. Up and well being silly me and me and I'm not. Q.