JVMA interview Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. He talks about his cancer treatment and find out if Fergie is still part of the group.

Friday, March 3rd


JVMA interview Hip Hop artist Taboo from the Black Eyes Peas. He talks about his cancer treatment, upcoming albums, and if Fergie is still part of the Black Eyes Peas. Listen in!

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But surely the hand me and the. Yeah and taboos that seal on the phone he is a member. Guys tease he is the first Mexican American to perform the Super Bowl halftime show he's extremely stylish tab. Thanks for coming. All saw him so well and shot its value native American adds his right out the home. Data pulled us all all the people that are indigenous and represented exactly got released the morning. Of course what. The new Black Eyed Peas album coming out tell us about it what's happening. Ellison have a conversation body you know like trying to figure out a great way to get it out with black and it is only so many movies always totally up and down easy for us you know is all within. In a positive direction. All right Jill. I'm disappointed they both failed big supporter of until. Members not three guys that we terribly good currency area. Get these guys have always been good kind of blending different styles of music together a little bit upon. Hot music whole bunch of rhythm you know plan on staying with that yeah. Quality is it possible all via while still matter what you're always take. Is Paramount. Importance they get to see it. Choose to started our policy issues especially you know all the way through all these years that have occurred. Com socially and politically and they didn't personally you know. I'd I think can't be taken years. Guys I know who you're playing for a few thousand or so from me. I'll be on the front line of survivorship is battling to. That's just crazy all the easier it is to get an opportunity to seize. Fuel my standards just easier but it's not like this site but also I think beyond. Do you think he. And it seemed that secretly are reluctant art history supports the people you know that's you know that you appreciate it. Basic feel like even more. Do you have any advice for men dealing with testicular cancer. It's true that your body is usually something that I've been talking about the last couple hours it is black and that question is standing. Well. My situation I guess you know is that deep. Penis had been having for years one I don't courts and as. But gone in our career and professional life we don't think any other corner are about power. It was pouring it would just so caught up in arms kind of an eight years Carter's. Colonel Parker whatever it is that's what you are. And confronted by you speak louder Q did you ever had any additional bailout leadership is an excuse to get cancer and sure enough. It was that big it's big news. Mean it shocking state of mind is all theater in remote stand ultimately all my life and I had to do she was seriously. All week you really can't go into this I guess obviously to. 08. And don't moment quality field but ultimately I ended up signs you cannot abide is hands on that. These doctors had just can't get out of them do you want children by the grace of god we had our baby daughter about. It is only daughter regardless daughters. Now I think they I have a house started a beautiful baby drill after his lies about the people. Quick question and on the Black Eyed Peas is for each. And so part of a group she still gonna be you know with you guys. He's part of it is you know she's she's right now doing a lot of please go to work. That fight with having dialogue is an competition. Tablet sounds like you're in a really good place in your life thank you for Sharon went up this morning we appreciate it very much. The Black Eyed Peas taboo we appreciation. But surely the hand me and mark.