JVMA interview The Raiderettes! Found out about their double lives & how to audition to be a Raiderette.mp3

Wednesday, March 15th


JVMA interview The Raiderettes! Found out about their double lives, what it takes to be a Raiderette, & how to audition. You can also visit www.Raiders.com for more info.

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Wiki up and not worrying so alleviate immediate mum. Yeah. Yeah look who it is oh my goodness greater uncertainty. All feeling. Fabulous females and the he's got cell Li and Stephanie and you guys if you are talking about auditions to be a greater rhetoric coming out. On April 1 Imad their ratings facility I if you wanna registered gone raiders dot com back slash trader rats and register by march 27 at 5 PM sell guns don't test out the bad end registered today and it's not an April fool's joke or anything like this. Theory is that this is really happy I didn't even know that yeah. I know what like ladies need to bring how do you prepare personally that I'm her apparent. It differently so there's some key fall. I like to do work our Reza mean there aren't. May mean down the left their hair or earned. I'm takes condensed process. Some people many want to practice public speaking it's really individualized but we offer auditions set anywhere in the public and earlier looking to keep an eye can come inning commander group that wanna be apart and a wonderful organization. What's it like be generator that you guys evolved and ninety years one year and as Stephanie your rookie what was your first year like. It was amazing I am having the best part about it is you don't know what to expect so it's it's a first for everything for first time hitting the feel with the first time Maureen I'm the raider style. So it's like the unknown is equally. As scary as it is exciting. During the football season what's a typical day like for you guys I mean there are practices every day this is I mean he's a big time commitment it's almost like a full time job isn't it. Well I think he should add ten commandment that. We all have other other things we do outside and freighters for exam violent fulltime job we just jungle and gorgeous women that are career women and do great things out there but we also known steer a little stubble ice and they haven't. Had a greater Atkins have practices three times a week plan and we have gains and appearance is in the meaning me and whoever they may be and and I think we just exe for women over here and we're looking to add some more super Landry team. Well yeah everybody knows the raiders had a really good season made it to the playoffs because of minarets are. Yeah I'll. You don't Pentagon's yeah looks coming out there. And but its target team. We can't wait to add new girls to the team and just Google then how are two women Nina is a little amazing to be a part of this group on audition now generally. Yeah. April 1 is what I. Happens with the raiders facility in Alameda and if you wanna sign up online where can you do that raiders got contracts slash redirect this feature to register by 5 PM march 27. Football fabulous females appreciate you guys for coming on the radar resident yeah. Thank you. And online and telling me it me or not.