JVMA interview Marlon Wayans. He sings happy birthday to Barack Obama and says Trump needs to go to Supercuts!

Friday, August 4th


Marlon Wayans comes in and sings Happy Bday to Barack Obama, & says Trump needs to go to Supercuts. 

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But surely the hand me and him. Happy birthday set out to Barack Obama he turned the fifteenth big and we actually have a special guest in the studio name is Marlene weigh in our. Sing happy birthday to Barack Obama Al Mohamed Ahmed and dirt that's new and I'm just saying you can't housing units from administration would you brought. A few years. It's like being on Friday June. And that's the black and have birthdays if you'll yeah. You losing the lepers in their burgers well with a good memory that Leno for Obama brings when you think about him. Every time I wake up and watch the news it's a good memory I missed Barack so much I know oh we cannot. Your heart out. It's George Bush. This jet. I spent Shipley who. Well we got Jeb. You got to admit this is interesting to watch man oh my gosh this is all scale revolution and now he's he's this guy he's got to have a general be the cheapest that he's got to have this guy and women now in this area. I don't know I would watch it I think the biggest news they can do is. Him going to sue because it haircut. If he did yeah. That would help the presidency. America young man. You know today in the national chocolate chip cookie day do you like your chocolate chip cookie is non violent. I like gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Also and I. I an arduous day pump that's a very Greece debt. Whoever became what would that it's yeah. The guy who came up with chocolate cookie Dallas the app that I'm lazy greedy as all hell. Dennis settlement in. Happy cookie day every day. I don't like holiday that you think it should be incorporated into the national calendar. I think black solidarity that look I. It doesn't really exist but as a reason why was cut school museum of we could live you lives why you any newcomers school is next. Every day yes we are stays out you know on an alien to be national fresh breath a day greeting them about. I think that is awesome. I think everybody who burst at peak I think. Every day should be fresh breath today because I'm tired of people smelling weird and when I go hey thumb. He I don't like that like if they shouldn't slowly Gil has that to try to. Pick it. Bad to commit extract it fulfilled food but don't just mean and leave Lama speak for my face and I yeah. Listen to the man that the duke. Plus I don't mean he's read and that's the deal reiterate there but he got a nice that we loved duke was facing a couple of I'll tell I didn't make it more okay did got a good league clubs all week yes I am only two shows off product to show lost that. We're still on Sunday partly opened Simi because if more in my movie on TV show hits. There's got to be real weird guys Iman gives bodyguards. And I might get wild and a wild animal animal like a monkey on lemur king anymore so what tiger who right. You know commitment chill with me so right now isn't cheap ticket overcharge by five the amount is gonna make money and he's a few years. We're giving Houston in the morning. You might take them tiger Michael Jackson animal he only got what would you promise to right that's when you actually Big Easy SE yeah. I'm trying to get enough money and you know we had an easy meat. And you keep. Not an abusive and not just a little wooden giraffe and I'm running that's the status. And it was OK I didn't fever you won't. I mag. But Elaine thank god comedy hello all we can't do this man is so funny it's the have you know. Nice to be coming it was a bizarre yeah the door flew he does. I'd like to come and popped it ain't got real dilemma we had no idea really coming his way I do you gotta crash of money. Yeah I think that's why you think you've been yeah he says that we live. I am reporting yeah. I didn't tell me. What do you know about that which now about the raiders I love the writer who moved a normal people who. Yeah two years probably in the morning. The owner raiders Marvin Lewis wasn't name. Don't know owner remarks Davis from Martin Davis I madam. Great guy. I think he can throw a super and and then the big guy North Korea army do noticeable I asked us. And did you elect if anything Bagley and I'm bad people they didn't even knew it goes on on the on the external and until we get their new stadium he has the current month and number is around. Do without duty or Kurt I don't have banks. Does that even prima Donna certainly need him recently in the room and.