JVMA interview KTVU's Alex Savidge. He gives a complete update about the Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant knee injury.

Wednesday, March 1st


Joey V and Mia Amor interview KTVU's Alex Savidge. He comes in the studio to update us with Kevin Durant's knee injury. Listen in!

Alex Savidge facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AlexSavidgeKTVU

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Wiki up and not worrying so alleviate immediate mum. And savages here he's a reporter from KGB you and years. Bring back Kevin Durant from the Golden State Warriors the bigger the knee injury and all about Katie easy in his left knee is it is all the talk this morning because he went out in last night's game at a loss against the wizards last night he actually had. His new teammates Zaza Pachulia. Fell backwards stumbled backwards and fell. Brady's knee now the good news. That he walked away. They did an MRI last night and we just got the results this morning I'm all right so the warriors say. He's gonna be out at least four weeks and are saying he has what they call. A grade two and CL sprain. And a two veal bone bruise and it if you don't. I'm obviously not an expert Ryan Moore and here but I do know. I got a grade two and CLs brand is more severe than grade one's brand and less severe than a grade three sprain. He had put all that I mean for weeks that I could do you have as always but I mean the bottom line is we did last two without them so. The icing on the cake you good employee has a couple of other good players on this squad feel good. I think out and speak it was the other news overnight if you guys ever heard speak picking up the slack the warriors signed once again former warrior Matt Barnes bill and well I mean they are there weren't that word was that basically Dave words embracing for the fact that Katie was not going to be therefore. Long time for a good portion of the rest of the regular season so they want someone in there that are super excited and that's a Rampage he's like pumped to be back on the warriors. So Matt Barnes and turn to the warriors you know he was here during the we believe years and now he's gonna back on this I'm. Yeah. We believe so yeah. Yeah yeah now we we believe even if you if he's not there you know however long thought we had a belabor your friends got no trouble believing Alex absentee TV thank you very much for the update appreciate academy on the. And Mullen and alleviate immediate mum.