JVMA interview Comedian Tommy Davidson. Hear how he travels on vacation 8 months a year!

Friday, March 10th


Comedian club owner Tommy T brings in Tommy Davidson to the studio. Tommy Davidson talks about his TV show, how we travels 8 months of the year, & his line of ties! 

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What's he up and Mullen and so leading in the end I'm not. This citizenship as well. Panel coherent manner. We just had somebody on the onerous dispersant has called in and she says she has never been on vacation in her life so crazy I asked him just like fifteen years old she's 35 is on the road and a vacation these serious. Where she where cameras you security got to prep classes I'll moment. Yeah it was a last vacation where you got to do. It does not as well yeah there's great. That's pretty cool I can't. It I think not yet my my my game is vacation creation as what I do now. I'm around the world on luxury cruises about eight months a year and all my guy. Avril isn't work tomorrow evening is planning on vacation all. Of whom are Holland princess. Carnival problems. Recommend to someone like that who's never unplugged on wound for theirs might. Oh please please do garbled Arnold is not easy quick question on the vacation creations are with Larry like on TV. A year. It's on the CW it's 1030 on Saturday mornings you've read up on my PC early episodes now he can't see them all but you can see what we've been doing implemented if it was a random throughout the world from everywhere they're from everywhere we used to this sounds like a guy who had a dream and just went out and god how did you makes Mike that's happily vacationing my sanity and had to do this and do was. Stand up comedy together runs a company and who runs the show. You succumb to Oprah might get used to do back in 1988. May you never know. Oh yeah. It was like I got these big shows a vacation show you go on cruise around the world you the only host for you were really nice to me when I was doing number mica wasn't funny too the only way you're determined you can the third down. The job and chartered a jet you legally auditioned like on timely. And wow and you Tommy season pleasant all weekend really for me what do you got about. Thought well you are a lot like your normal Obama version of ground. Doesn't burn down all finally do such a good Obama you got to get embryo ending extraordinary number of also earned her a bigger pressure. I had our area users and I think one of our Carter get drunk so no matter what you do. Comedian Tommy Davidson thanks for coming in again we appreciate. I'm agencies dot com free tickets and all the info Tommy Davidson to get Tommy tees all weekend long go check about Joey via me a more XQ one otsuka. He upend Mullen and so on TV and media mum.