JVMA interview Comedian Gary Owen.mp3

Thursday, October 5th


Comedian Gary Owen comes in for an interview with Joey V & Mia Amor. He talks about his Net worth & his airplane flights.

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Wiki up and not worrying so alleviate immediate mum. And if you. Comedian Jerry Cohen is here what was your net worth it all we look it up and instead I think they got Iran and I just leave it. Alienating guys honest about it you know what you know I'm here that you are often now that's my house and encountered as my good. All right let's do she's includes houses talk nicely to me she lives how did I NCA AM Hollywood he's good as though she's still doing it too darn thing. I there's a unit worth I was like a mini go to his answer ground story you know I mean I saw you are you know on the plane headed to San Francisco when you're flying coach now how whether some. This is the crappy is first class university involved had. I shut my feet it yeah. I'm I'm I'm. And I don't feel weird level because it's funny you'll see some people like when you're in first they'll head back to codes to link you'll see like that's the lab before. For somebody you know like a funny movie and then he got the other router I. I'm in the private jets continue like guys that are waiting to see as the next I was totally stopping him yesterday so pleased you know don't take it personal she'll do some of your high and out she knows where you. Sky bar at the Marriott yesterday just unlucky to be I'll tell on the last. Hi Bonnie. Yeah. And you don't like beta places that. That's always a little bit Italian. An exit interviews hospital an amazing yeah tech bomb tech convention center hotel this week open only our Renaissance street today on on the dumbest guy in my hotel like a momentum as it. Yeah everybody Mel. Many companies and I talk to the bartender some around my level of play does remain the that is the best people talk show. Went to them but the problem with this guy wanted to marry and they don't lie because it has no I know I was I get easy o.s are gone Netflix now. He's he's an anarchy not in the united just lie. Some. I. Part I the question you. A follow up question of the things I've tried. The port just to make the conversation move along now that Eagles are asking questions and I'm like I didn't see it was extremely with a comedian talk about media on planes as. Hate so my sit next mystery what I do I tried alive and I don't think comedians. For this and say chameleon like to be funny to two things and they ask anything else am I not a full time job or are they CD you know the face and I ran a life and you know Josh Smith from Milwaukee I thought. Nobody else in his Stefan curry USA unit images. I conquered. Did you accidentally got with a YMCA is good and I mean for me. Let me ask that thank you know Jim Smith yeah Philadelphia where reform i.'s local. OK my cup. No it doesn't you know only if my friend yeah you can help spread Mike Cavanaugh. Payments are really got it true that you text and the sun will come out tomorrow. No I think that finished and on another radio show us when everything happened you know everybody's do you come Adams. You are an accident can do. That's this'll pass as you're good you're just now you do more good message just a blip. It's a blip that's all said and I cities don't 2000 dollars DD DP clergy or you how do you think he really dated him time. Yeah well you can't. And I got is actually Gary only going to be a cost comedy club tonight tomorrow Saturday and Sunday gonna cobb's comedy dot com. For the tickets and all the info thanks for come at even this week. I doubt in my. Well look down upon. I'm. And the can easily be hand me and I'm not.