JVMA interview Comedian Felipe Esparza. Find out how he treats his woman on Valentines.

Tuesday, February 21st


JVMA interview Comedian Felipe Esparza is brought in by comedian club owner Tommy T. He talks about how he treats his woman on Valentines.

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Yeah. But surely be in the home. Look who it is immediately they ask says he is yeah. Pool did you notice what was happening yesterday whereas I drove past my job a supermarket in Hayward all the lights were off there's nobody in the parking lot the place was closed Monday in case a fresco. What you guys probably would have little unproven and because it was the wrong day it was it was it was a protest today. Immigration did an immigrant day without immigrants saw how the place is closed people stay home from school yesterday to let. I know mobile portals dug into the Mexican guy that the mom. April 2 as he says seven people go to Sonoma. There are four airport workers and has some Huckabee to impose it on and only. A quick socially. That you interviewed a guy yesterday he was showing up for the place was causes like lab and that's going to be one more one more paycheck I don't have the feed my family around my home. Is Leslie O'Neal said. Had a little bare and you see us press conference that trump gave yesterday and you have Amanda. He hates the press and any any hates leaks only three mules we root nuclear who we try to do the real news. I mean according on its people. Every call from yesterday was the news mistake because so much of the news is fake I can't let him ninety minutes he sat there taking questions from the press and he just went off on everybody. The players we will when he said that he had though if you want the most electoral votes are there Republican the president for a president and again whereas Borneo we know. Actually ready to lose seventy route goes to actually ended DO sir. I'm no lomb President Obama he had 368. President from George as bush he has 440. Electoral votes so mom. You the president and the bears singing and have twelve is and academically that was the funniest thing that you overheard in public they've just started. Yeah. You're aware he. And taller posts you've just part of the fun is to never heard that if it's something. You aren't mad for no want to hear a boo or little blown off by rule would make due to. Some sort of I don't know if that's got to do you still are and here we have world. Let me Moore had made general the first day is that I don't want you talking about it I don't want you doing it you gotta go you leave the room right to follow the rules or something I mean. We get around and they you know Valentine's ages that's better. That's and didn't do nothing numb my my why should write Valentine's Day hosting God's. And now Scioscia was Tommy Cooper do the next day I took a scenario that you never won anything you know sort of regularly doing all the out of town where you saw. And she's a don't give me being always get something because that's the woman stains get me some spray US soil IEI down delivered throwers tourists who have been time. I'm saying that I lose so much baby doesn't give me anything so intimidating unity being so the whole additionally did you hide my prisons. It's on his someone's gonna be cute yes I hit it tomorrow we'll get it. I lost my focus and relentless. As part Segovia Tommy tease tonight through Sunday is Erin that's right and Tommy T I got on the Michael yes the bad news about one of the shows what's up now on Saturday night both shows are sold out we have tickets left for tonight. And also Sunday night we were thinking about admin a second to want sunny this guy's amazing he sells tickets and he's so funny he's great. And tell me. We and I'd like to come I got me and I am. What do you value is obviously one are you asking go home each other's hair something. He happened Mullen and silly me and me and I'm not.