JVMA interview Carlos Mencia. He's a millionaire immigrant?!

Tuesday, August 8th


Carlos Mencia talks about being a millionaire immigrant! 

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But surely be handing him much. If you. Aren't going to be honest and Collison and see in the studio and before anybody wants to hear me a moral something that weren't so she knows how much. So yeah. We started. I'm not even close to write a lot. Wanna have transparency and I think we do that it is you've got to move that period like my. Back Stacy Pulitzer Julie BME almost totally see in the studio here at 730. That's going to be playing Connecticut estimates and a little bit of rain on the way and bring not only did it was crazy and and it's it's it's it was like 85 and it was great enough relatives in Miami it's kind Koreans protested. There isn't right there's a little come volume little bit and I'm not like Florida muggy but a little bit lucky you know. Yeah I appreciate the brain. Please stay even though you knew coming to town Carlos wherever I can rather I don't have like a place to tell me. It's decent and pleasant and Dahlia yeah. A template as we. I think I'll tell clubs swords there they got foursome and pulls plan. Yeah him entirely he puts up the comedians I hole what are what and a city dusty it's W elected that the process. The W man we cocktail lounge they got that plus. It Saturday night nobody you know didn't like only one person recognizes me a person is like cool breezy. What is it like with somebody recognized you. Are you nice to every wanted to do got to be nice to everyone got it's their moment my moment is there a moment because we didn't even claimed it did tell everybody in the even that it. It's literally it's their moment like I mean I know they listen I'm not trying to sunny again put. For some of the people I mean is some parts of the country I will be the only your biggest celebrity that delivered me right and what number I give them is what they're gonna think. Celebrities are like so I mean I spent plus. I'm dude I mean I'm an immigrant. Millionaire you don't mean the type of person that that that that the new administration trump doesn't wanna live in the country and you speak English you know and I mean I came here and I. Am pro like. The guy that wouldn't get a green card and you know I'm probably very successful man on the top you know 5% of America Bubba I mean so. If those good soon to be that somebody else as your following what's going on in America. Right now you're looking at what trump is due and it's also a scare Moochie thing and he's got to bring in a general here you know with everybody in the shape is the cheapest that already when do you stand on this guy to listen. First call this what level America no one president can make you get better in the long president can mess it up. I mean this presidency arguably hasn't done anything and ray Johnson on everything's gonna let the countries find you know as stupid people. Don't do stupid things like why else you can afford you're name. Is all of America does. In the latter argument opinions in the end of the week later I got the money when your dad doesn't. Look what happened in 20080. Yeah. I make them but let me come on like I had a bloody who bought a house and whose life he let me some money on furniture. Like dude if you. How is it wrong would you. An adjustable mortgage. It is like her yeah. Exactly so. That doesn't happen I'm cool these employees president we've had I mean like Brock. It was funny but he would he was it it was wasn't us what is this guy this guy is just hysterical browser something every day. Every single day. The latest thing was with a Boy Scouts he's Williams is big political speech to the boy scout and they even apologize to the scouts and then he's called me as it was a great. And you know yeah. New Mexico and actually the president well I never strip the Geithner told the president I still loves me I was trying to. I'm an Arab criminal law and mannered man. Just pathetic joke about a need like a bad DJ at a party that. Just that the never ending welcome just when you think he's good he actually said that the leaks are real but the stories about the leaks are afraid in a Big Ten flat the fake leg with a real one let's sit right. It extends it does not make it. Here's an about America that most people are losing the ball on the the thing about America is that we have more stupid people per capita than any other country because unlike other countries we'd hear well all life. So we try to save wildlife and other countries other countries don't do other countries don't pass laws. And to say stupid people from themselves right so even Mexico you light and it may have been a blow up their hands they banned fireworks were all other. There's a mask Atlanta work. A guy without a hand and going in next time let it go like it. Advice is don't we stay or other yeah. Got to drive we got to drive Q I think like you New Mexico. To get real fireworks. Because you can't quite real fireworks like yeah. Because somebody blew off your hands at some point so you I have to run around like do you know like we just came out of the closet was Margaret. But upright and I think everybody how much you know yeah. So like every. Yeah we have way too much of that and people don't understand like the drag that are. But how much they ruined everything you and allay people's yet how do you deal with that traffic down their went on the summer with my son with the first part of life and evidently you know. You want to tell you what traffic yeah look it is the best analogy it's real it's like having a hot chick. It was a caning your ass but the fact and that's what traffic in LA is like Jody it's. And and god drastic it's the same thing you don't when you don't really care. Accident all the guys are looking at your life he asked but when you're alone it's evolved since he wants you to do. I went yeah that's really the name. Do you geez you're sick do you do you. We understand is that right yeah it. XP and we thought about lane deal is gonna happen in LA that's it's gonna be ridiculous you see here's the thing though. The thing about it latest traffic is the same. All the time it never gets worse and snapped back at. So if you're you do it if you're good so if you did you. He's like that where you're. How much above. She is you know don't say or whatever that is. In its worst thing you can say without it who did grab routes. That money. The way what has made it a little better because you know you can now go through neighborhoods. And avoid traffic would ways that oh my god. That winds up seriously that they that they it is it's like a magician because series Syrians and know what's don't know if she don't she'll tell you that you can safely in my life. That's a total luck I don't listen are told that what you. I actually think about what he's still like even if it's this it's gonna save you two to five minutes just stay on the same time I agree. That's second and then by the time you get exactly traffic and stuff like it tells you sometimes you get off the freeway and then get right back on the same rams and you think right. But the and the truck that was my knees in front of you yeah. You know. Anger associated via the California theater in Pittsburg raising money for the Pittsburgh arts community foundation get to shows tonight two shows tomorrow and how do you get tickets just go to California. Go to Alfredsson and cause was here that a couple of miles Leslie I go to. Peyton was in front of me I don't suppose is added I didn't. Yeah there's not a hobby toy company. What happen but you just before any kind of. Painting or there's nothing more there's no age at the end of Pittsburg California that's Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Don't give Pittsburgh because I do have a wife that's a pain in the ass and I have the community for herself so the rent. Today that you notice it and you meet on the story to be nice to yeah. I will be very nice and I. I was in theaters with. Literally like food coming in in my mouth I'll well I mean a restaurant or else. Sure you got your of course you do hear that we'll get ready to take pictures with the entire staff yeah. We do here. He up and not being silly me and me and mum. Why don't you.