JVMA interview Amber Rose. She tells her son who doesn't want to go to school why he NEEDs to!

Sunday, October 1st


Amber Rose calls the Q102 studio and gets interviewed by Joey V and Mia Amor.

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What's he up and not worrying so believing in me and mum. So we're trying to get amber rose on the film on her as she's have a conversation with her son I don't know if it's okay for us wolf what listless and general question. I didn't have to do it he can thank you thank. You look today you know I don't want the court. Why not a diet yeah. And he's a fan of single crazy. And it then yeah. The outpouring from looked. Did you make mommy can contaminate. It's that. Is accused they would never heard of her life where amber again again I love Sebastien I. As we've clearly established amber rose is a mother is a philanthropist he's a feminist is not to put Norse god sixteen million is to grab followers. Amber really quick before we actually get into the real interview what does that mean is being that Sebastien endeavors said team. I mean this thing never says please pumpkin I don't. Yeah. I mean and mean it. It's an riding in that Sawyer anyone that's why you. Protect you want to play an outsider and around. Yet to go to school. I saw an interview with you re talking about how everything you need to learn about business and many things you need to learn about business you learned at the strip club what do you mean by that. They hope is indicative job and it. Basically how it is always looked at my blue app without desperately anything besides talking and you know cute Stuart and it's very proud day you know as late as this country and they don't throwing me what it comes to Iowa cat cats that we can't you have to keep up with you know I'll take a look at gone and a rod and have property and then basically sort of any other hopped it didn't believe it is just you know work ethic is well. And you know and I am hi all good things and I going to visit meeting with. With CEOs of companies. Oh that's right so I know that you have the slept well coming up and girlfriend I when she displayed people can do you think of the words like you don't. Necessarily think that happy things we think I. Don't bother or exactly how did you come about naming your while the slept walked in what is at all about. Bartlett is. Really it shouldn't actually be aware of my cold this year it is going to duke went to dictionary get it out of the dictionary. Content. To conclude derogatory word that men and women used against other women to. Up to visit down there an actual confident. Because guys loved it really doesn't have fifteen stinker it. And defectors and memory it has been going on since the beginning of time in a lot of people that don't talk about tech has done and how he does society want a T. Britney this and we're not Smart enough we're not good enough torn I don't know and it. Going to be in our feelings about it says and we're not start the masters and so. You know I am in the lot a lot has been going on all over the world so why aren't miles from loch. But I don't that was traced a college campus. Let's just art is they blamed careful what you Adeline anything it was our fault and she was just a good site. You know this morning came together and it started his front walk on the college campus that's how it all begins and I was inspired by it I decided to have platforms. That I talked a lot against social and does this effect it doesn't. Great cultures it's completely double standards body Amy and so we protest against all those things at the troubles. Definition of a boss. And you recently released a book called how to be bad and sorry. Lick your definition of the bad and. I think that as contentious and what is bad news you know that someone to act as I was confident that post for that was their body lets play and how much money they had eyes conforming to society are splitting it. Being exactly who you are you can actually hurt and it is not seen him seen experienced person in his district in all of outbreaks are. Well thanks for your time amber rose to appreciate you very much you always always happy to be honest to talk very forthright about everything you realize who appreciate my. I'll definitely. Tricky up and Mullen and Sony V and media mum. Q.