Joey V interview with Warriors Dance Team girls as the promote their LIMITED Jamba Juice flavor!

Friday, February 10th


Joey V interview with Warriors Dance Team girl's Clarice & Leigh as the promote their LIMITED Jamba Juice flavor! See what the ingredients are for this drink! Visit your local Jamba Juice and have one today! Check out more on these girls here:

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But certainly dean and me and mom. Yeah. Clarice and we are here from the warriors stands to of course the Golden State Warriors have another that's amazing season this year. How is everybody on the team everybody is excited about what's happening here Steve thanks guys. It's been on me. How bad it has and what what are some new things the warriors are urgency these days he's got something happening with Pete taught this course you think the coffee warriors grounds that it was an all out tell us about it. And nine at feet. Apparently a program he's ready to fight and he's cute yeah. Unity and the course. It plunged abuse. And then what's happening with John but -- damage is we have any mixed in addition tropical warriors training passion fruit juice mango and pineapple. Well as I loses it's very passionate and it meant originally what drives them is as good. Or should do that you go to master. And that's available on some lights heat DJ Tony's incident for my birthday it's your birthday presents and it came off just throw it. And I got as good as it did yeah photo sent a violinist Tennessee's death Gurney thank you for putting me in the poor house 'cause I've got three kids and every kid wants to have those around here. For all the media for one kitty I get rid embryonic and ages are eight 89 and ten. On a row and they are very jealous of each other digital. You can really get out there and wolf thank you guys are covenants they appreciate it very much agony graduate and all the success of the warriors haven't threat to the new stadium the guys that for the groundbreaking. We bring nine at that earlier than we saw a lot of photos India's look like a lot of time. One of the most incredible spectacles I've ever seen he had they had like synagogues dancing yeah. Yeah. And also what version you guys media thank you so much change yeah. Yeah. Mullen and silly GE N media mum.