Joey V interview McDonald's Crab Sandwich chef Ryan Scott

Friday, February 10th


Joey V interviews the chef of the McDonald's latest crab sandwhich, Ryan Scott. He talks about how many restuarants will carrying the sandwhich, and youll find out the ingredients. 

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Yeah. But surely the hand me and. McDonald got a new crab sandwich in just a few stores will be forced doors open to three in San Jose it's one in Santa Clara some like that Ryan's got this Jeff is on the phone. Moderate majority are good amount the best ever let that every time I I CDs always doing something big you know you start out is just this young chef and then you go on top chef you become a celebrity open up restaurants. On The Today Show and you got your own show and values that this is the big is this the biggest thing in your career you've developed a new crab sandwich for Mac Donald's you know what. Lord spoke to came up November 015 as it is content to completely well. You know and I thought that would have been more tax no cramps and what sort of Luke Donald the national Colin nuptial my chip debated item. So honored to be a part of it is McDonald got a hold anybody a year ago and wanted to do what you're doing on the East Coast reversal of this with the lobster world that exists and it did so well on the East Coast often makes sense you know after all it did so so well actually came to me with a limited catch crabs which of course we thought altered and channels that. And all goes well to roll out to 250 stores in the middle of the year and out of two days ago I was in panel that while the location but there is street San Jose. That would condone it it was so it's so great man. It's unusual to see something like snow crab on the menu McDonald's but there it is you know you got guys celery Mayo lettuce tomato sour dough blind and 410 calories you can have like three of them and your your good day it would surely be on the your pinky so how much you work. Mean it only cost 899 so I mean that's okay Matt and eat it and if it does well on the 250 McDonald's don't think Ryan that you're not going to be some big time let's go to every Mac Donald's thing you're gonna be the richest celebrity chef on a San Francisco have. Watch out Gordon Randy Erica with the cramps can turn the camera now. Everybody likes he's series Matt says for a you know it at all exude a from the grand student mayonnaise and you think about this at McDonald's all our best out capital memories that the first thing I caught up I was like I remember the big Mac Fries and I didn't seem kind of back at mcdonalds or working to meet all kitchens without and that -- -- beast I'd love how it operates a lot of their doing things into. 55 seconds were able to execute this this sub sandwich. But the bread the specially made sure that the nannies is to negotiate eighteen the first extra spice to emphasize that Manning's. And then likely news do it appears that we love so much you get that drawn butter or five spotter Trent I mean a daughter. That is kept warm on top of the toaster with the brightest posted double single double circuit power to click this great. Seth Ryan's got now you can add. Donald chefs here resonate that Serbia now with us we appreciate you. Online and so he VE ME and mum.