Joey V and DJ AJAX interview Faizon Love AKA BIG WORM! He talks about being featured on the news and his upcoming roles

Friday, February 10th


Faizon Love AKA BIG WORM comes by! He talks about being featured on the news and his upcoming roles, and his upcoming show at Tommy T's Comedy Club in Pleasaton, CA. 

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But certainly dean and me and mom. Comedian say the love this yeah last year. We saw you on CBS are you on channel two on the news and that's pretty serious when you to go on the news we're vs Johnson yeah yeah. And eat diet alien guy yelling like this are now. And she's right. Consumers sure solution alone. I screws your eyes and waited and he's now going to have here sort of insert boot. Sherri what kind of what kind of dragging each he had on. Boone shirt flourish. Certain flash illiteracy as the sun yesterday. And she wanted said they don't just sit around them who say we're on first gig as he was a room like he's. He's got a cell Castaneda when you're over then your peaceful flown does he really just the penalize those. Eat eat good and you Desormeaux thought news new. Use these are minute let's admit excited to have big one and oh yeah. He sits on M series solid time I can't believe that our minds about it now you know heat part and yes I know DJ's and stuff because what I used to run. Ahmet DJ shot he came into muscles and lighting from us many many years ago so yeah he's he's cool I doubt he. Don't let this military school you yeah. Of course unless you got that Steve Paulson does the weather he's cool thing out there are root now. Them who's serious they're only listen yarn so we can't let them go recruit are they free soft the other news of the news people are Argentina. Really Good Charlotte front illegitimate and it could soon be able. That's true. I think is seriously yes I'm. That's the way it always is here here at this radio station we got it easy listening station right next door for the people that run this place have mouths dirty than anything I've ever heard in my life. In their meetings it is an unbelievable the stuff they talk about boys that's my nose and return on accidentally. And god yes so what you did you get get you get Tommy T I have not seen tomorrow as Sunday this week him Obama holds true for his. Inference there resume perform some pros comedians come from. Always thrown do we deal is gonna be there and also could be easy. I'm telling you can't get credit cards yeah yeah but and so you for free music from around the bird come we're. Hostess from me crazy urine and new addition movie a mission that was crazy but as soon as you that was on TV telling all kinds of text messages from people is definitely a boost to threaten or else are you asses how your life. That is actually true. Usually Friday less than forty years ago. Let me know. Thank you feel a lot of I'm forty murders and I remember we were show like it's funny the anniversary and we had a viewing and today. Love this elf. You replace truth. Do we do as realm almost a mirror and this is accidental. Yeah bit warm as a character that's gonna go down in history doesn't matter what you and a dog he was gonna be like you all have their arms and Natalie. Right. The real. A little boy George Washington the. It wouldn't seem. I'll close it. Seen here in the. It really didn't. We always like what he's coming here man take you very much only when I was still talk about 'cause you dumb it was she drinking copy CD you know I think there's. Some there are the usual. Particularly I think for dossier detailing I'm on the new day. Independently yes I do I got here and I when you're on TV right now but if you get out earlier somebody hears this who works with you call me. Call these Ajax Billy Nadal on your radio be next Joey DM EL cornerback tomorrow and it's not we're not Monday morning it's six thank you wanna sit. T upend Mullen and silly me and me and I'm not.