Comedian Kym Whitley Tells Yo Mama Jokes

Monday, May 15th


Comedian steps Kym Whitely steps in and tells yo mama jokes. She talks about who she shares her mom jeans & bra with! haha. Listen in.

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But surely be handing him much. If you want your apple look to it is comedians Jim lately and it. Yeah. Don't we hidden just days dinnertime we tease that shows what's happening out the last time you've sewer and here we just sat back and let you go. And this is what I nothing but laugh when I. We always have a good time to time it seasons. Our favorite places I went back close to shells to 9200. And don't Mother's Day Wednesday really mama's apple bring a mother did a bit and I'll bring tomorrow no break mob at my mom who. Well they don't have your mother bring your mother figure out did hug the woman as good as you. India has value to a woman again accuser does I don't know my lucky. And I'll. Are you put a mix in your mouth you all of you might you'll hardly guess Kim I'm not called tissue and they're sharing a microphone by the I. The seasonal might go visit. Melton meaning Kim started sleeping together since the last time we was here. It's a completely different than what was the last time I. It I have got hot and how. They just a mother's there we got bigger bump them yeah you haven't just about got absolutely. But we can't we can't do that we don't do some real mama jokes yeah. Don't come out whoever got the best you mama joke you'll win a T shirt the details got to get what did you say to ask about it what are you guys lose. Luckily we only do I go down. Pummeled mom showed dungy got fired from that Eminem factor for totally the W stuff. Problems like this is a great amount with other drug use that's. That was not the current oil like won't. All alone just me that's good I think I'm. That Ahmadinejad and integrate bump. I like I Avalon how motherhood motherhood. Is fantastic. You know he's adopted. And I'm I'm unexpected muscles great. The lord knew when I needed. When it to you this I had been a mommy and until I asked him to put a receipt I was like. I don't know about him. And thus I moved up thirty days. I was a government goes and she's back. Just for the record you don't own any mom jeans. Do you do you hail. I'm Jane that's the problem well thought I. I do have mom jeans Kim has also Paramount right now. And where is saying James that compete. And be the mom jeans spurs ailment like our hundred dollar a true story and what that would right. The night. Those genes to their knees there's a piece of see through plastic yeah Horton let me recommend demands what is that what they they must have strengths and I'm Lou. Usually with on the first pitch at all. So that gave him a hard time where mom's. Q Kelly as your primary season the place this weekend tonight tomorrow and Mother's Day on Sunday happy Mother's Day and everybody thank you guys were coming anyway. Don't mess around the answer yeah Republicans. Jones and comical stage at the same time some nominees informal and hopefully they'll talk about other time action was a phone sex operator and. Oh yeah. Was wondering. Which you gotta. I have only a mom jeans. But definitely the easier. We did. For them to get. It's days back I know you will. Do you want to see the door. But surely be in the end much. Why don't you.