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Mia Sanchez, known on-air as ‘Mia Amor,’ attributes her determination and drive to her mother. As the youngest of three siblings, she was raised in a single parent environment, and taught early on to be a strong woman. Her close family ties are what give her an important sense of community that she spreads throughout her position as a radio personality.

Her passion lies in being on air, interacting with listeners and fans on a daily basis. Due to her likeable approach and dynamic nature, Mia has landed interviews with some of the top artists in the music industry including Jennifer Lopez, William Shatner, Chris Tucker and beyond. She’s learned that being versatile in the radio game is what it’s all about!

Throughout her career, Mia has mastered wide-range of formats including Regional Mexican, Hurban (Spanglish Urban), Top 40, Urban and Rhythmic CHR.

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