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Maria “Mia Amor” Sanchez is a Salvadorian-American on-air personality, voice-over pro and influencer. Known for her sassy personality, Sanchez joined the Entercom family in 2014 and is currently the co-host of the morning show on Q102.1 FM - “Joey V & Mia Amor in the Morning"

Her passion lies in being on-air and interacting with listeners on a daily basis through music and pop culture. She’s mastered a wide-range of formats including Regional Mexican, Hurban (Spanglish Urban), Top 40, Urban and Rhythmic CHR, that’s allowed her to be one of the most versatile radio personalities in the radio game. In addition to her on-air acumen, Sanchez enjoys fashion, traveling, R&B music and is a self-proclaimed, part-time “foodie.” Mia Amor attended Ohlone College for Radio & TV Broadcasting in Fremont and currently resides in Oakland. Make sure you follow Mia Amor through social media IG: MiAAMOR143 FB: Mia Amor Twitter: Mia__Amor

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