Saturday & Sundays (5pm - 10pm) | Q102 House Party (8pm-2am)

Born & raised in San Francisco with Spanish as my 1st language and music as my passion. As a kid, I listened to the radio all the time and always emulated my favorite artists. Making mixtapes for my school crushes with all the dopest R&B/Hip-Hop love songs during the '90s was fun for me because I was able to get creative by fading the volume in & out while holding down the REC & PLAY buttons simultaneously on my Sony tape deck that I brought everywhere I went. That is where I felt at home - In my radio. My 11+ year career in this industry has taken me to many places that I never thought I'd be able to see, but nothing compares to bringing it full circle and being on-air again in my hometown of San Francisco… where it all began. Join me as I take you on a musical journey down memory lane.