A High School Kid Bought 625 Roses, and Gave One to Every Girl in School #WiNNiNG #JVMA #MiAAMOR

February 16, 2017

A high school senior in Wisconsin bought 625 long-stem roses for Valentine's Day, and gave one to every single girl in school.  He bought them in bulk, and says it cost him about $450.  Then he spent eight hours trimming them, so they'd all be perfect.

Zack Peterson is a high school senior in Holmen, Wisconsin, just north of La Crosse.

And he showed up on Tuesday with 625 long-stem roses, so he could give one to every girl in school.​

All of the girls lined up in one of the hallways to get a rose from him, and he got a LOT of hugs in return.  Some of them even CRIED.